Photo by Sean Smith

There is beauty in creating something from nothing. In science it's impossible, but in art, the sum of all the parts in just the right order is so much more than the individual pieces.


Story telling, is all about taking your experience and perspective and telling a tale that no one else could. Creating something that could only be created by you.


I have dedicated my life to telling stories on film and video, and with over a decade of professional experience, I have created hundreds of videos telling all sorts of stories with all sorts of people and organizations and other filmmakers. I love what I do, and I don't intend on stopping any time soon.  I'm always learning, always getting creative, and always searching for that next story to tell.


Maybe it's yours.




I am extremely excited to announce that I am currently producing, directing and editing a feature length documentary called The Secret Marathon with Martin Parnell & Kate McKenzie:


With 80% of production complete, we are currently looking for corporate partners & donations to make this film a reality, so if you enjoyed this video and are interested in becoming a part of our community and promoting equality in a time when it's needed most, please visit our website to donate, or contact me directly to inquire about a partnership.