I am fortunate to be quite busy with my work, but I'm also trying really hard to keep Sunday afternoon as a time for personal creativity, spending time with other people who want to create, and personal projects. That could mean working on a script, taking some photographs, drawing, painting... basically, doing something creative without any work strings attached... and ideally sharing that time with others who want to do the same. The inspiration and title for "Crafternoon" comes from, Kendyl Lauzon, an inspiring creator and incredibly talented artist. So what happened on this Crafternoon you ask? Well... this:

 Kendyl painted a beautiful mermaid.

My my good friend Quinn came by and decided to try out some wood burning and I think it turned out amazing.

And I worked on an old family typewriter that I've been meaning to get working again.

It was more than what we physically did though. We caught up on life, listened to music, threw around some ideas and had a relaxing afternoon with no expectations of what we might end up with. It was great.

So here's my life advice for the day: There is no such thing as "I'm not a creative person". Not knowing how to do something is the exact reason you should try it, not an excuse not to. I didn't know how this typewriter worked until I started tinkering, and now it works... mostly. So why don't you have yourself a little crafternoon... or better yet, next time come join ours!


I love working with my hands, being outside and spending time with family. So when it came time to rebuild the steps out at the family cottage, it was a very welcome getaway from the 12 hour computer days I was putting in on a project nearing it's deadline. I think pops and I make a pretty good team. We even passed the Grandparents rigerous product testing.


I am a huge fan of other artists and am constantly inspired by what incredibly talented creators are doing, both locally and all over the world. So when I saw the Log Driver print from Breakfast Jones it took me right back to my childhood and I could hear the song playing in my head. Seemed like the perfect gift for my brother... and maybe one for myself too. So I thought to myself, what better way to hang such a wonderful piece of art than with a log... from my back yard.


I found an old radio that I just loved the look of... but it didn't work. After opening it up, I found I loved the look of the components even more. I don't know why, but I could just look at old audio tubes all day. Maybe because they are the exact opposite of what technology tends to push towards. So I took it all apart, cleaned it up and made some "radio art" with the guts. I also put a modern bluetooth speaker inside the radio shell so I can have old timey radio dance parties.


I love creating things from scratch. I do it all the time with my video & photo work... but sometimes it takes something totally new to me to get me thinking in a different way. I also happen to think home made gifts are way more fun than purchased ones, and this was for someone special.


Once upon a time, I decided to get a little creative with a bathroom remodel. After discovering some mold behind the tile I was pushed out of my "I'll just re-tile" comfort zone. I gutted it, built a new bathroom from scratch and learned a lot about my place in the process.